Core Values that Drive My Life

On November 7th we officially arrived in Delaware and began our ministry at Peninsula Community Church. This has been an adventure. It has been one which has seen God’s hand at work and His grace in action in so many ways. We are so excited to be here and to serve as the senior pastor of PCC. It is my belief that if we are faithful to God’s calling and obedient to His will that we will see His glory revealed in and through PCC.

In this blog today and over the next couple of weeks I want to share with you my philosophy of ministry. I will begin with what I consider the core values of my life. The goal of this is for you to get to know me better as we serve God and reach the communities of the DELMAR peninsula together.

Core Values that Drive My Life

Centrality and authority of the Word of God – The Scriptures are the unchanging authority that guides and directs all I do. My desire is to rightly divide the Word of truth, apply that truth to my life and then allow it to become alive in my heart by living out that truth in all that I do as a passionate follower of Christ.

Prayer – All that is done in my life and ministry must be birthed and launched in prayer. Without prayer I am powerless to live a life devoted to Christ and I will also be out of fellowship with the living God.

Worship – Living a lifestyle of worship is as just as important to me as the actual act of worship. My goal is to be the same person during the week that I am on Sundays or in a church setting. As John 4:24 states my desire is to worship God “in spirit and in truth.”

Team Work/Partnership – The work of the ministry must be a team effort. Therefore, I am called to be an equipper of the saints so that the work of the ministry can be accomplished. The result will be that the body will become a place of unity. In unity, we become a dwelling place for the presence of God. I live by the motto that says build great people and you will build a great ministry. It is always people first.

Right Priorities – In all of life we must set proper priorities so that we are not entrapped by the cares of life. For me, it is God first, followed by family and then ministry. My fear is that I will be guilty of winning others but lose my family in the process.

Man on Mission – I prefer to be “on mission” rather than just doing missions or ministry. I recognize that I am called to reach those in my community and within my sphere of influence. I am called to be God’s ambassador and therefore will faithfully represent Him by developing loving relationships and by reaching out to others who are unchurched/unsaved and need the hope of Christ.

Transformation of Character – I recognize that I am on a journey of growth and transformation. The goal is to be like Christ. I can never stop growing or else I will die spiritually. I also realize that I have not arrived at full maturity yet but am growing and being renewed day by day.

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