A Moral Compass to Guide You in The Voting Booth

Peninsula Community Church

Moral Compass To Live By – Unmovable Foundations

October 14, 2012

Text: Psalms 11:3 … if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Psalms 89:14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before you.

1Corinthians 3:11 For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

As I was preparing for this message I remembered that in the mid 60’s and early 70’s I attended a church that taught the congregation that they should not buck the system and that religion and politics should not be mixed. The result was that prayer was taken from the schools; abortion became legal, and the origination of the current debate on the sanctity of marriage was begun all while many in the church remained silent and disengaged. But we can and should change that today.

I want to say to you that truth is only the moral compass that will lead us in the right direction. As believers, we must remember our faith and our sacred duty under that faith when we cast our vote in November. The separation of Church and State can never mean that the Church must remain silent on issues of faith and morals at the heart of government policy. Faithful citizens must not check their religion at the door to the voting booth. Your faith must be your guiding light and your moral compass as you cast your vote. Your vote gives you tremendous power. You have the ability to help preserve life, the family, and freedom. This is a tremendous power, and it comes with tremendous responsibility.

As we begin to take a look at the moral compass that should guide our decisions in the voting booth, I want to make a couple of comments. First of all the election of the right person into office is not going to change the face of America overnight. It will help chart a course for a better future but the election in itself is not the answer.

This brings me to my second observation and that is as believers we must do our part to make the gospel an integral part of how decisions are made. That means that we must allow the gospel to be the ruling authority over our lives again. It is only as believers allow the gospel to rule that we will see significant changes. This is in keeping with 2 Chronicles 7:14 where God calls His people to prayer, confession and repentance.

And this brings me to my third observation. When we begin to discuss the issue of politics I recognize that in a setting like this that there is no doubt a divergence of views and ideas about who should be elected and why. I am sure that if we polled this group in a way where everyone’s response would be kept private that we would indeed have varying views and sometimes about the same person or ideology.

In the first passage we read, David speaks to an issue that is prevalent in every generation but it seems to be more pronounced in some generations than other. It is my belief that we are living in such a time where the very foundations of our society and culture have lost their moorings and need to be realigned with God’s design and purpose.

It is a tragic thing for the foundation of a building to begin to crumple because it will not be too far down the road that the building on which it is built will begin to feel the impact of that crumbling foundation.

In Psalm 89:14 David reminds us that the foundation of God’s throne is righteousness and justice. When these two characteristics are diminished we are in for changes that will effect generations to come.

We will also note that Psalms 11 begins with the premise that we must trust in God and once we lose trust in a Sovereign, creating and loving God we have begun a spiral away from God’s intentions and therefore our foundations will be shaken.

You might ask how the foundation of America is being impacted. I propose the following:

  • Tolerance VS intolerance – we must accept everyone’s sin and belief system with judgment but too often those that want us to be tolerant of them are not very tolerant of us.
  • Religious pluralism – today every religious belief has equal footing and there is the belief that all religions help us arrive at a new state of consciousness or gets us to heaven but we know as believers that there is only one way to heaven and that is through Christ.
  • Privatizing of religion – there is a move afoot to privatize religion. You can be religious but do so on your own time. There is a separation of the sacred and the secular but the fact is we never stop being a Christian.
  • Shift of morals to values – today we one’s perspective as being more valuable than one’s moral footing. Morals never change while what one values change from day to day and from situation to situation.
  • Entitlement mindset VS work ethic – at one time America’s strength was its work ethic. Men settled the west and farmed the land but today we have a mindset that we are entitled something for nothing.

 Through scripture we know that it is God that established governments to protect and lead in righteousness but governments can err and compromise its moral integrity (Romans 13) but we also know that we can affect the future and change the course of our nation by exercising the right and privilege we have to vote.

  • Vote our conscience
  • Vote intelligently
  • Vote Biblically
  • Vote Prayerfully

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